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Norled bestillinger to karbon fiber katamaraner fra Brødrene Aa

Picture: New 36m carbon catamaran for operation in Sunnhordaland.

Brødrene Aa har gleden av å meddele at en av de ledende norske rederier, Norled, har bestilt to karbonfiber fartøy fra verftet i Hyen.

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“Community”vessel" for Austevoll, taking two cars, cargo and 48 passengers.

Norled recently won a public tender for high speed operations in Sunnhordaland, close to Bergen. Their offer was based on two new carbon fiber catamarans from Brødrene Aa - one  36m passenger-only and one combination vessel capable of carrying two cars and  48 passengers.

With these new orders, Norled owns in total 12 carbon fiber vessels, all build by Brødrene Aa. Managing director at Norled, Ivan Fossan, says:

“Our new vessels for Sunnhordaland are made of carbon fiber and will therefore be lighter than conventional vessels. Lower weight means lower fuel consumption, lower costs and less emission. With 12 carbon fiber vessels Norled are now world leading in operation of such vessels. This development has happened in cooperation with Brødrene Aa, which is the world’s leading builder of carbon fiber passenger vessels.”

The 36m passenger catamaran, taking 230 passengers, is designed for commuter traffic. It features a highly advanced slender hull design, developed by Paradis Nautica. This hull is based on the same principles as the 40m “Krilo Carbo” delivered earlier this year.  The vessel will be powered by four MTU 8V 2000 engines driving two CPP propellers. With this system the catamaran will be able to meet the municipalities ‘speed requirements of 35 knots.

The four engine configuration ensures high regularity and the lightweight slender hull, in combination with highly efficient CPP propellers, will make the vessel extremely fuel-efficient.  It is also equipped with a large hydraulic gangway on the bow, designed for maximum efficiency while boarding and disembarking passengers.

Inside, the vessel will be equipped with comfortable seats with a pitch of 900 mm. It`s got a well equipped refreshment kiosk and 64 of the seats are facing tables. Great effort has been put into making the vessel available for disabled passengers according to the municipalities` requirements of universal design.

In order to serve local inhabitants on the islands of Austevoll, Norled introduces a "community vessel"  taking passengers, cargo and cars. All the functions of the vessel are located on the main deck, which makes the construction very light. The vessel is based on a half planning hull which has a lot of buoyancy in the foreship. This well proven design gives the vessel good sea keeping properties despite its short length. The catamaran is capable of carrying two cars and deck cargo at a total weight of 12t.

The community vessel will be powered by Volvo Penta IPS, which has forward facing propellers. The steerable pod system gives the catamaran excellent maneuvering abilities. In contrast to conventional propellers, forward facing propellers are operating in a “clean” waterflow without turbulence caused by a shaft. This makes the propellers very silent in operation, a feature which is enhanced by the compact engine/gear installation placed aft at a long distance from the passenger salon. Volvo Penta IPS has proven its abilities on four ambulance vessels delivered by Brødrene Aa the latest years.

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